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Integrate Existing WP theme and Body of Buddypress

  • fastfido


    Ok, I am just frustrated at this point.

    I have the template pack plugin installed and working. That is great.

    It there a file that would bring over the CSS and images to recreate the .content of any of the Buddypress themes? Right now I have the unstyled components of buddypress, which in my opinion is completely unusable, for others.

    I am surprised that someone has not written a piece of a theme that will work as a good starting point for those who already are committed to a existing design. It seems it is an all or nothing situation. Am i missing something?

    I could use a hand. This has been an incredible time suck. At this point I am about to settle with a forum and extend profiles. Sorry, very frustrated, even this website has been tough to find things on lately. I have followed the Buddypress development for a year now. It was one of the reasons I went with WordPress and not Drupal. Still glad about that choice but wish I could get this to work.

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  • Andrea Rennick


    “Am i missing something? “

    Yes. As stated in a few threads, the extra bp folders that are added to your theme, need to be edited. You have to open up those files, look for the div=content and change them to match your exisiting theme.

    It’s mostly copy& paste grunt work. no css edits, just changing/adding any needed divs.



    Tested it once, BP Template Pack activated does include the basic CSS necessary to style the different core components –

    You could customize template pack’s css in your WP theme’s style.css to match say, link or background colors to match your theme

    Btw, check the source view of your BP-enabled pages and see if the link to the bp.css from template pack is rendered there, it should be.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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