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Integrate with paid membership pro

  • virtualgeorge


    I have both buddypress & paid membership pro installed.
    I want to use the registration page from buddypress because I need the optional additional fields on the reg page and that is working fine.

    So when I add PMP and put up a page with my membership levels where they can choose a free or paid membership:

    It takes them to the PMP reg page

    I would like them to use the standard buddypress reg page

    I have seen this done on other sites and I have a theme I purchased, sweetdate that comes with buddypress & paidmembership pro and only the buddypress page is shown for registration.

    If needed I could just add a link to the activation page after they create and activate an new account and link them to the paid membership page. Not sure how to customize the buddypress activation page. Added text to the page I specified as the “activate” page but it doesn’t seem to show.

    Any tips would be appreciated, hope this isn’t too confusing 🙂


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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