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Invalid activation key

  • telatabi


    Hello. I am from turkey.
    I installed buddypress and bbpress.
    1-I want to use default wordpress registration page, how can I do?
    2-If I want to use buddypress registiration page, There are problems below.
    I tested a lot of users. My SMTP is not problem, registiration e-mail is sending. But If I click : (link is for example)

    Invalid activation key.
    Please provide a valid activation key.

    I tested a lot of users. Please hepl me, I am looking for a long time.

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  • telatabi


    i searched all forums but no resolve



    I found a temporary solution for this problem.

    This plugin provides “disable activation e-mail”. User registers the form and directly go to main page. Activation code is not necessary.

    But I hope, someone find real solution. I looked all forum the same problems, but there isn’t any solve.

    It’s a hard one to identify as generally the activations work without issue and unless we can directly replicate an issue or have a lot more detail it’s hard to think of reasons it may fail. What happens if you copy paste the activation code directly into activation page?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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