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Irrational Games Achievements

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    Definitely customized. They’re using BP 1.1.3.

    This just goes to show what you can do with imagination and theme customization!

    Thanks Ben
    Irrational Games’ Achievements is a custom build; I spoke with one of their team when they launched their site a few months ago.

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    I’ve been debating the idea of creating a plugin with to do achievements, levels etc. I haven’t completely though through the pros and cons of using an API like this versus an self contained open source plugin like the achievements one mentioned.

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    Griffin Boyce


    @techguy BigDoor looks awesome, but it’s still in Beta. I’m doing a custom build for a client’s achievements and medals, with cubepoints backing the point mechanic.

    The big con for me is that bigdoor’s API access costs money after a certain point, and if the site becomes huge, that could be a cost sink for the client. I would do it for a smaller or personal site, or one where the money incentive is BIG. =)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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