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Is Buddy Press for me?

  • rickaltman


    Hello, I am a potential new user of BuddyPress and would like to know if my expectations are appropriate. We host an annual conference, for which we create an app. I would like to consider using BP to create a community in which patrons of our conference can create their own bios, upload photos, share their interests, etc.

    I am thinking about a pretty simple construct, in which I would like to create a roster similar to this one:

    and if you were to click on any thumbnail, you would see a simple page of information about that person. I would like each person to be able to edit his or her own record.

    I’m decent with CSS — I generally wrestle it to the ground and get what I want. Is this all plausible, and if so, what would be a good place for me to begin.

    Finally, if anyone here has any experience with Participants Database, an alternative to BP, and can discuss relative merits, that would be terrific.

    Many thanks.

    Rick A.
    Pleasanton CA

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  • djsteveb


    @rickaltman – I think buddypress can do most of what you describe here right out of the box. I would search for forum threads and maybe plugins to have your members auto join a group –
    this would give you something like “your site dot com / groups / mainGroupName / members
    for this kind of list – although it would be a list rather than grid system – you may find another way to do it, but it’s probably gonna take some hacking-up things to get the grid layout if you really want that – I’d try to find something less robust – like maybe just the wpmudev membership2 plugin in the wp repo – and hackup a page to list authors with a wp theme or something…

    bp can do a profile pic.. but it needs plugins to really “upload photos” – and that’s a can of worms in which some is over-baked, some under baked, and future possibilities are endless.. some built in bp hooks have been made a while back but.. well not sure what meant exactly by “upload photos” –

    its going to be much easier to get community support for regular wordpress themes and such.. buddypress is probably a lot more power than your use case is gonna need.. and with that is gonna be spam issues – virtually no support for customizing anything.. even if you knew php really well, you’d have learn wordpress well, and then try to digest all the BP docs and sort through tracs.. gits.. and other random stuff on the web that is not well documented, no well supported, and leaves you wondering if it’s secure… and the chances of all the various hackedup things working well together is blah… and future updates – hahaha.. who knows that is going to happen.

    In your situation I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to play around with BP – as it’s free.. but if it doesn’t do what you want out of the box.. then I would delete it all – and try a basic wordpress with members plugin.. maybe even just a ‘multi-author blog” – you’ll get less spam, and much less work.

    Others may think / feel differently about all this, my experience comes from my issues – your mileage may vary..

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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