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Is BuddyPress a good solution for property managers?

  • Hi! I am working with a real estate company that needs a separate system for property managers to communicate amongst themselves. I have listed some of my clients requirements below and I’m wondering if BuddyPress could be my solution.

    1. No proprietary software
    2. Property managers and tenants would be able to post information to this site and is for the use of site-specific tenants only, not for public consumption. Tenants or the property manager could post information, up to 15 contacts per building.
    3. Things we would like to post would include a calendar when contractors will be on-site (fire inspections, window washing, etc.), when the building will be closed for holidays, and when there will be special events or extended hours.
    4. It would also be a place to post information such as weather warnings, service updates (i.e. the elevator or heating system is under repair).
    5. Include contact information – other tenants in the building, property manager, maintenance.
    Anything else that needs to be communicated to the tenants i.e., parking changes, security issues, janitorial requests.
    6. RSS Feeds or email notification to let the people in a specific group know if something has been posted to the portal/property site.

    That’s mostly it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  • @mercime


    @godleuf Using BuddyPress can be a good solution for property managers. And yes numbers 1-7 are all checks. Site Admin can be someone from the Corporate office. Each group can renamed and represent each property and the Group Admin/s can be renamed and show respective property manager/s. And “members” of each group are the respective tenants for the property. If the properties involved are more sophisticated than the one-level management set-up, you can even go multisite and choose one from two BP MultiNetwork plugins.

    An experienced BuddyPress developer can set up, recommend free or premium BP/WP plugins to invest in for the rest of the site or even create the plugin from scratch.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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