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Is it possible to do it in WP + BP?

  • Geekboy68k



    I’m creating a new website addressed to a niche community. This is my biggest project, so I’m a little confused. I have no idea which CMS will be the best option for me.

    I’m considering three options – Drupal, WordPress with BuddyPress and a dedicated solution (if all else fails). It must be simple, fast, flexible and user-friendly solution, so all other suggestions are welcome.

    Generally, BP offers everything which I want, but I also need a few functionality:

    1. Games library/catalog:
    Classic game library – including informations about game, screenshots, rating stars, comments and “playing now/played” button (user can choose – all selected games are showed in his profile).
    To all of games linked selected news and articles – staff must be able to choose it when creating a new content or adding a new game.

    1. Games ranking:
    A part of games library.
    Displays a list of games added to the library, sorted by popularity or rating, with latest stat changes (decrease, increase, no changes).

    2. Event calendar:
    All upcoming releases and events categorized by tags. The same as in games library – all of them with linked selected news and articles – staff must be able to choose it when creating a new content or an event in the calendar.

    3. Badges:
    Members are able to get badges for some actions, i.e. rate 5 games. All badges are listed on user’s profile and “Badges” subpage (with description and list of nominated members).

    4. Chat:
    Nothing special – just a chat for members only (not the IRC!).

    5. I’m also interested in modifying BP user’s activity stream by turning off updates, activity comments and public messages. Is it possible?

    Furthermore, in a few months, if my project gain some popularity, I want to expand it creating a network – thematic blogs on subdomains/other domains, social layer with central staff panel on general one.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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  • 1) Even some BuddyPress themes can do that – so, yes.
    2) 2 plugins (one & two) for BuddyPress exists for this. Yes.
    3) Achievements plugin by Paul Gibbs (BP core developer) and Cube Points. Yes.
    4) Lots of WordPress-based solutions – nothing to do here for BP. Yes.
    5) Via a plugin like BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types or via easy to write code hacks in your template.

    WP+BP might be your option if you can afford a good hosting.



    Thanks for the quick and useful response!

    WP+BP might be your option if you can afford a good hosting.

    You mean that this “compilation” may be a tough row to hoe for a typical VPS (comparing to i.e. Drupal)? Sorry for stupid question, it’s my first contact.


    Yes, I meant exactly that. WP+BP (with a really low number of plugins without a network activated) will produce up 100 DB queries + up to 60 Mb php memory usage. And sometimes even more. Network activated plugins will make those figures even more. In case you have thousands of users… shared hosting will die, all the time.

    I suggest at least VDS/VPS.




    Yeah, thousands of users is much more than the optimistic version πŸ˜€ I’m sure I don’t threaten. 1024/2048 (burstable) VPS should work fine. Thank you very much!

    Also, I have another (last one) question. Look at it – in this profile you can see that user became a registered member and posted an update –
    In this – only update and activity comments, no other actions –
    And in this – nothing – β€œThere was no activity found…” –

    On what it depends? Anybody knows?


    It depends on user activity πŸ™‚ And the time user registered. is for testing, and developers do some cleaning there from time to time. Plus BP was updated from 1.0 to 1.6 there, and not always those updates were smooth.

    On your site there will be “registered” record and all other activity items.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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