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Is it possible to use Peepso with Buddypress?

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  • Henry Wright


    I doubt they would work well together but you could try it on a test install and let us know how you got on?



    @henrywright Thanks. It seems there is no mutual incompatibility between the core plugins.
    I would have been more interested in the Photo plugin of Peepso as there is absolutely no good photo / media plugin or as-core-feature in Buddypress even after so many years. Peepso have got the photo feature excellent and fast, and is not dated like Rtmedia or Mediapress. [ Though album is yet to be released I guess]

    However, the Photo is purchasable add-on [ like Buddypress Rtmedia] and hence to run a test install one has still to pay. Hence the question in the forum to check if anyone has been using the two together. If it works, its okay for me to pay and purchase.

    Henry Wright


    I see! In that case, try asking over at Peepso too, perhaps one of their users has used BP at some point. I guess that’s the problem with paid products, there’s no way to test against your own set-up before purchase. I’d imagine if you contacted Peepso direct they _may_ be able to think of something to help.



    @rosyteddy I’d recommended giving RtMedia another try. I would not say it’s dated and I’m very impressed with their feature set and the development of the plugin over the last year or so 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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