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Is MultiSite What I need to use???

  • hi,

    I have my main site which is running on 3.0. What I want to do is use buddypress to create an extension of my site for the community portion of the site. But What I don’t want to do is have buddypress disrupt my current install in anyway.

    So essentially I want to use two separate installations. One installation which is my current website with 3.0 and the other would be 3.0 w/ buddypress.

    But I need for the users on the buddypress site to be able to fully comment on the main site but access their profiles etc from buddypress.

    Would I be better off biting the bullet and trying to configure buddypress to function properly withing my current installation and custom theme?

    Or is multi site the right option? I’m just not sure if i’ll have to separately add the users to the buddypress portion or if buddypress automatically will grab the users from the database.

    I know that normally with multisite you have to add users to other “sites” yourself.

    All help is very appreciated.

    Thanks so much

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  • modemlooper


    Multisite is if you want to allow users to create their own blogs like on otherwise BP functions just the same on single WP.

    If you want to put BP on a secondary blog here’s how.

    Well I guess I’m looking for some insight on what you guys think is the best thing for me to do. I just don’t want to take a chance and disrupt or screw up my current install of 3.0.

    I have no problem using buddypress on the current install if it can function fully with all the usability of a proper buddypress theme. I know about the template pack but I feel there is something missing when that is done.

    The community portion of my site is not going to be the main focus. its somewhat of a secondary concern. I guess thats why I considered using a secondary install.

    Let me know what you think is best.

    Thanks everyone,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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