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is that possible with buddypress?

  • hkahil


    Hi i would like to know if i could make a site with buddy press where i can:
    -manage profils
    -each member coud create his profil
    -have a public page (like facebook group page) wich is visible by everybody
    -a module to show the lasts members registred
    -possibily to add friend request like facebook
    -upload pictures and comment on the pictures
    -in the back office i could manage the profils and add some ads anywhere i want in my page like ads in the left ou right side

    thanks to tell me if i buddypress coud do all that
    and if they are a lot’s of modules we coud add

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  • Sofian J. Anom


    Yes, it is possible! For example you can look at :)



    In order…
    -Depends what you mean, but this is a built in featured to BP
    -This is pretty much a requirement for BP. Although, you can choose how big or small you want the profiles to be
    -Groups in BP should satisfy this. You can make them public, hidden or private.
    -This is a widget in the default BP theme
    -Just turn it on in the BP settings
    -There are a couple picture plugins. One that’s paid that’s pretty good from Another one that’s getting really close called BP Media. They have a version available now, but it’s basic. In a month? or so it will have even more features.
    -These can just be added to your theme anywhere that you think would be good.

    So, pretty much everything but the pictures is available by default with BP. The pictures need the plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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