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is there a how to guide anywhere?

  • Installation is error free. I can’t see how to add a new post – or should the users be of a certain level to post – Ihve them joining as members?
    I have installed forums, error free, now on page and no refence to how to set one up any where – any one got any screen shots?
    There are some great posts here and I have found a lot of answers and when I find solutions / answers to soem of the other stuff I promise to let you know.

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  • yocalif


    drclohite, I have had your same issues, and have read the same posts on multiple bp forums.
    Adding some of the BP forum plugins helps but not much. Funny I’m a total wp/bp noob and I’m going to try and help another lost bp soul.
    It appears Forums are dependent on Groups, so you have to first create group.
    • Using the default BP theme, click on Groups under the search thing.
    • It says “Groups Directory” click on “Create A Group”
    • Give the Group a name and description, and click “Create Group and Continue”
    • Default is “Public Group” thats fine for now, click “Next Step”
    • If you have an avatar for the group upload it otherwise click “Next Step”
    • Now click “Finish”
    • If you post something in that comment box after clicking finish, I don’t know but it doesn’t appear in the forum, it will only appear in the activity for group 4
    • Go to Forums, click create new topic, there is a pull down selection for groups, select the group you just created. and post.
    Click on the Forum Tab again, and you will see your post listed. Unlike the BP Support forum which gives you a choice of “show latest post, or “By Group” (that must be a plug in). You will see the column with the group name, click on the group name and you there is your “new post” page.

    Hope that helps…..

    6.5 hours and no one offered to help this guy. Amazing….

    6.5 hours !! that is not a long time at all, tech forums like this and others are not a service, rule of thumb for bumping posts is generally in the order of 24hrs more or less, added to which it’s the weekend, many of do this coding thing for a living, horrendous long hours, the sane ones try and take a break, most forums will tend to slow down over a weekend.



    Here is a simple guide:

    Here is a more involved guide:

    Hope it helps… BTW, I’ve posted questions that have gone unanswerd on this site for days..(some weeks) Sooner or later somebody answers, if not -that’s the way it goes when you’re not paying for support and your using an open-sourced product. The guys at offer paid support if you need it. Also the guys at will hire out for projects. The core group of coders here are pretty amazing…

    After seaching for a month as to what the best social site software is for my use, I kept coming back to Buddypress because it allowed me the freedom to do what I wanted… The others were very restrictive in their “canned” solutions. I’m pretty happy so far. AND very much looking forward to the major update of WordPress 3.0 Stable, coupled with Buddypress NEW Stable… it looks as though all of the problems that I have had are going to be fixed in a month or so…



    my response is based on I’m a complete noob, lots of people had read the post which asking a simple question and I would guess 75% view could have taken the time to answer. There is no way to build a responsive support community if only 2 or 3 people are answering all the questions. I have a some experience with phpbb3 and a little with SMF& Joomla, the questions at those support sites usually get answered quickly. Hard questions could take days.
    The main point it is blessed are those who give, not just receive.

    well work out how to encourage all those others to help?

    Tech forums nearly always function around a core dedicated team that answer the majority of questions, a team that is often no more than a half dozen strong, 99% of forum users tend to be seeking help rather than trying to help, that’s just the way of things sadly, it was meant to be otherwise but the road web development has taken down the templated, copy ‘n’ paste, script snippet, library code has ensured that there are more people stuck at a a level of knowledge that they will not seek to escape.

    Hey thanks for all your help.

    great pointers.

    I am still trying to work out how to help people create and access thier profile… I have ordered WP for dummies in case a) I am a dummy and b) this is such a blatantly obvious question…

    Thanks again.



    The documents for BP are a nice read, too.

    BuddyPress Codex

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