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Is There A Way To Block / Suspend Members From Posting To Buddypress Pages?

  • pghjeffrey


    I hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a plugin that will let me block or suspend members from posting to buddypress pages. I do not want to block them from the entire site, just block from posting buddypress content. I want them to be a “Read Only” member. I am currently using a wordpress plugin (User Role Editor) that lets me do this for wordpress core features, but it does not cover the buddypress pages. My reason for wanting to do this is to weed out spammers. I created a user role called “Pending” using the plugin I mentioned. I am giving new members who I think might be spammers this role. I have set the role as read only and have been able to block them from using most of the site, but does not work for the buddypress pages. Anyone know of a buddypress plugin that has this type of features. I am requiring members to upload an avatar if they wish to post content to the site. No Avatar then their a read only user. Once they upload a profile photo, I change their role status so they can post content. I have other spam features in place, however some spam users still get though. I am trying to do this to weed them out and keep them from posting spam on my sites. 95% of the users on my upload a photo anyway so it does not seem to be an issue for members. I also do not require the photo to be a selfpic.. they just have to change it from the default one.


    Newest versions of wordpress/buddypress in place.

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  • boblebad


    That’s something i would like to know too.

    I need to have free “members” that can’t interact with the forum and groups, it’s okay that they can read/view them, but not answer or create new topics – that’s only for paying members.

    It is actually weird that this feature isn’t in BuddyPress out-of-the-box, most other forum software has it.

    All the best



    Hi guys !

    Most of the publishing stuff is regulated from within WordPress settings.
    And allowing blog and forums activity comments is a setting of BuddyPress.

    If you don’t want your users writing notices (what’s new ?), the only thing that is published by buddyPress, you can remove the notice form from the template or add a conditionnal if/else for the allowed members…

    , FYI buddypress is not a forum software. The forum plugin is bbPress.



    Already ahead of you 😉

    Remembered shortly after writing my comment.

    But that’s not much better, i don’t understand why this isn’t a standard option.

    All the best

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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