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Is there any plugin to help downloading and managing files?

  • Hi

    I intend to build a little website providing an open source application, pretty much like buddpress with support forums, a bug tracking system, svn repo… I can see myself using wordpress + buddypress since it has everything I need to instead of coding the site from the scratch. However, like buddypress, the app also has plugins and skins. I see that in the “Extend” tab, buddypress allows users to download the plugin file and each plugin is actually a group with its forums

    So I would like to ask if there is any plugin that already does the similar thing, creating plugins/files and link them to groups and forums. If there isnt, can somebody please shed light on the approach of doing it (customize buddypress / create a plugin) ?

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  • Bowe


    Yep.. Although it does not do everything straight out of the box.

    You can create a Group where you can give support etc. The add the great “BuddyPress Group Documents” plugin to list your downloads. You can even let members of the group submit their own files (if you wish). You can extend your groups with Bug reporting and a task manager plugin named BP GTM System.

    This should get you started!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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