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Is this even possible to do with BuddyPress?

  • VisualizeEdits


    Is it possible to add a MyBB forum (Or maybe bbPress if possible but MyBB have tons of useful plugins) and integrate the login system with each other?

    I want to allow my members to shop and buy XP points (CubePoints maybe?) and spend it on upgrades for their profile such as color names on their profile, which will affects the name on MyBB forums as well. And many other upgrades.

    Is it possible? It’s the only thing that is keeping me from installing WordPress to my website. I really don’t want to design and code my own website since it will take a lot longer and if it might be possible with some codings? I can pay some developers who are willing to make it happen.

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  • @mercime


    @visualizeedits assuming you’ve found the bridge script between MyBB forum and WordPress, you would still be required to bridge MyBB with BuddyPress and Cubepoints unless you do not intend to record the activities of the members in your forums in their profile pages.

    If you only need members to pay for some enhancements in their forum profiles, adding BuddyPress may be an overkill for your site. You might be better off just using s2member plugin.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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