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Is Welcome Pack Working For Everyone Since The Latest Update ?

  • krisdarty


    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. The drop down had welcome pack greyed out and I couldn’t select it.

    Hi I just wanted to make sure Welcome Pack was working for everyone since the latest update. I just launched a new network and have welcome pack setup to do all the cool stuff it does but none of it is happening.

    I’m using the buddyboss theme, S2member, and WPFB Autoconnect to create the user profiles and obviously buddypress.

    The Users are assigned non standard roles that I created in S2member.

    Would that create a situation where welcome pack wouldn’t send messages and friends requests ?

    Profiles are being created and everything related to buddypress works so I’m not sure why welcome pack isn’t doing the deeds 🙂

    When I go in the setting to select who it should send friend requests from everyone in the database is there so obviously it is accessing that info.

    Anyways if anyone has a clue about why it wouldn’t be working I’d appreciate the insight

    And thanks Paul for making all this cool stuff 🙂 Can’t wait to configure Achievements to create more awesomeness in my network.

    Also if it matters I have both buddypress and welcome pack network activated

    Thanks again : )

    -Kris Darty
    The Ambassador of Awesomeness

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  • bp-help


    Didn’t you read the requirements? It states clearly it is compatible up to: WP 3.3.1, BuddyPress So until @djpaul has plans or time to update the plugin then I suppose you should not use it if its not working for you. Otherwise if you have time deadlines and you know how to code then the source is there for you to tweak. Otherwise you may need to hire a developer if you can’t figure it out on your own. I am in big favor of using some code that disallows installing plugins on setups until the specific WP and BP versions fit what it has been tested to work with so it just will not install unless it meets all requirements. If anyone knows a way to handle this then I would like to be educated myself so I can employ it in plugins. I haven’t seen anything in the codex so any advice is good.

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