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Is WP Supercache okay to use with BP?

  • rossagrant


    Never used a cache plugin and wondered if a WP Supercache or alternative plugin would be good for a BP site too?
    My site obviously has WP posts etc on it but is mainly about the community aspect.

    Is it worth me using a caching plugin and if so which one andare there any problems assiociated?
    Cheers! :)

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  • W3 Total Cache, but not its Page Caching with BuddyPress.



    Hey Paul, cheers for that link. W3 looks like the most comprehensive cache plugin I have seen.

    So it obviously won’t try and cache BP pages with them being dynamic? Is there much of a setup to it or is it just a case of installing it and letting it do it’s thing. Not infront of my computer so can’t download it to test right now that’s all. :)



    W3 Total Cache looks interesting. Am I seeing it right that essentially W3 Total Cache essentially is a plugin to be able to implement a CDN? Does anyone know the cost of a CDN using W3 total cache?



    Check out Amazon’s S3 site for pricing and details:

    W3 Total Cache is very powerful; implementing a CDN is just one of the features.



    You’ll also want to read this thread:



    @r-a-y have you used Amazon’s S3 service?
    maybe I’m too stupid & can’t be bothered in reading endless boring documentation, but still can’t figure their services out…

    Jeff Sayre


    There’s also this Codex page that has some useful advice for improving performance.



    I am using WP Super Cache on a BuddyPress installation right now, but it is not caching any of the BuddyPress or bbPress pages — only the blog. This actually does help a lot because it is the blog that gets a lot of search and direct traffic. WPSC is a great idea that works really well for pages that aren’t *too* dynamic, like a blog. It stores static versions of the pages so that they don’t have to be rebuilt all the time. Site response for a new visitor that hasn’t logged in is improved massively.

    But for a very dynamic site (e.g. with activity lists updating frequently) you really need db object caching in memory (e.g. memcache) to speed things up and reduce the load on the db. I think this is what W3 Total Cache does, but I don’t (yet) have experience with it.

    Andy also wrote this page on other optimization options:

    I’m using it right now, and there are a couple, very weird and very specific issues. If you do either of these actions, your cache will get wiped out:

    1) Edit your BP profile
    2) Send a PM

    Other than that, I haven’t found any issues! You can change your notification settings and you can post to the ‘wire’ without a problem, but those two things kill the whole cache every time.

    So far, I have the following set to never cache:

    I had issues with W3 total cache and the DB caching. So far I’ve not needed it, though.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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