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I\'ve got different themes on different pages

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Whoa, yeah. The other pages are pulling from the bp-parent theme.

    Are you sure you just have the bp default theme active?

    I also just tried to create an account on your site. I’m getting stuck in a redirect from (correct) to (incorrect).

    Does your server support htaccess / mod_rewrite directs properly? Are you on Apache, Nginx or a Windows server?



    I am using Apache and mod-rewrite is active. In fact my host (Heart Internet) do a one click install of Buddypress. Well sort of.

    Try installing it manually?



    I installed it using the one click then upgraded to WPMU 2.8.6 then upgraded the BP to 1.1.3 and discovered these issues.

    So, being used to Windows, I thought I would do a fresh instal. This time I cleaned all files off the server and installed using the script and left it there. So this install is using WPMU 2.8.5 and BP 1.1.2.

    Still the same issue.

    The register page is redirecting with a 302 header. God knows why.

    From Buddypress settings this line:

    Select theme to use for BuddyPress generated pages:

    is set to the parent theme. If I select the default BP theme, it reselects the parent theme on save.

    I’m flummoxed.

    I have asked the hosting tech to take a look. If they come up with nothing, I’ll try the manual install over ftp.



    I done a new install of WPMU and downloaded the BP plug in through the interface and had the same problems.

    I then carried out a manual install via ftp and the download from this site and it works fine now.

    Is the download from here the same as the one through WPMU? Could be that the WPMU one is corrupt.

    Should be the same archive downloaded, the auto-installer unwraps the files and puts it into place for you. Hmm.



    Did you download just BP or WPMU as well? I am having trouble with a child theme and am using Heart Internet’s one click install.

    Jeff Sayre


    There are a few older posts talking about the dangers of using one-click install scripts to install WPMU and/or BuddyPress. IMO, if you are going to create a community site, you should take the time to carefully set it up. Toward that end, I place manually installing WPMU and BP as an important first step. You have more control over the process and gain a much better understanding of how your site is configured.


    I’m glad that you’re up and running now after a clean, manual reinstall.



    I have the exact same problem. Is there an easier way to fix this?

    Can I just overwrite WPMU and Buddypress via FTP? Or do I really need to delete them all first? I just want a step by step, layman terms, of how to go about this. And I suppose I will need to remember my sql db access shame on me I know, but I might just create a new user for that SQL table and use that for access.

    I tried just reinstalling Buddypress…deactivated, deleted the files, re-uploaded Buddypress via FTP – then reactived it…so doing that alone did not fix the problem. It still won’t let me select default theme. So I guess I need to do the same for WPMU.

    I just don’t want to go through the trouble of deleting WPMU and then re-uploading it – plus all my plugins (which I have backuped).

    But from now I I will just ignore the auto-update linky thingy.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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