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Javascript Errors in Members section

  • zoltok


    Hello all,

    I am about 90% of the way through the development of a website, and I’m just tackling the members section now. It seems all ajax functions – filtering users or the activity stream, user updates, adding friends, etc – aren’t working. I’m using a child theme of Buddymatic. To narrow down the problem I’ve switched to Buddymatic as the main theme and deactivated all plugins other than Buddypress, so it looks like the theme’s the culprit.

    I’m using Buddypress, with WP 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 (I have two dev installs, both with the same problem).

    When I try to filter the activity stream, I get an endless string of javascript errors in firebug, that read:

    `response is null
    jq(this).html(response.contents); `

    When I try and add a friend, or post a status update, I don’t seem to get an error, but nothing happens either (the add a friend button disappears, and the content of the activity stream animates, but no friend request seems to be sent and no status update is saved).

    Anyone have any ideas? I am way too far into developpment to switch parent themes, and Thematic doesn’t look like it will be made Buddypress compatible anytime soon…


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  • Hugo Ashmore


    Your first port of call should really have been the themes home having established it is a theme issue or so it would appear.

    If you read through this page you arrive at:

    Which appears to be a similar or the same issue? and it might be worth adding to this comment stream? There is also a possible solution that might be tested.



    Thanks for the reply hnla.

    Apologies, my first instinct was to come here as I thought maybe someone familiar with how the ajax is referenced in the default theme could help me duplicate it in Buddymatic. For the moment, I’ve used the suggestion of the other poster, which was to duplicate and rename each and every AJAX function in my own functions file. Obviously this is not an ideal solution but it will work while I wait for a fix either to Buddymatic, or the eventual release of Thematic with support for Buddypress.

    Hugo Ashmore


    Not ideal but I guess as long as it works. Generally speaking it must be the responsibility of each theme writer to support their theme and to correct any issues that may arise through it, otherwise it would become an increased burden on the main support site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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