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JavaScript in WordPress Admin doesn’t work

  • johnyonutz



    First, I want to say that Buddypress and its entire community is the best thing ever invented related to online medium and to human life!!!

    Secondly, I have a problem.

    I have started my own buddypress community and its growing fast… but I have a major malfunction.

    Java script in admin area is not working.
    Visual or html WP editor not working…
    Widgets drag and drop not working..
    WP admin java script / Ajax effects not working…

    What have I tried? Of course, it did not work any of those things:

    1) Reinstalling BP (Buddypress) plug-in, even installed older BP plug-in versions

    2) Reverting to original BP default theme

    3) Deactivate all plugins except BP

    4) Multiple steps:

    a – remove BuddyPress folder from plugins directory
    b – Activate default WP theme
    c – De-activate all plugins
    d – Re-install BuddyPress by right way
    e – Activate my WP – BP compatible theme
    f – Checkbox Theme settings > BuddyPress compatibility > Enabled


    Tested in IE browser as editor (not admin) and it seems that everything is ok…

    It seems that when i login as admin all those things mentioned above happen…

    Any help ?

    You guys need more info?

    I really apreciate your answers…

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  • Roger Coathup


    That sort of problem is typically caused by a plugin clash.

    Have you definitely tried with all plugins (except BuddyPress) removed, and using the bp-default theme, and nothing being loaded in your bp-custom.php file?

    Try clearing all your browser caches as well, and restarting the browser. Also do you have the problem in other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)?



    Regards Roger!
    Thanks for your prompt answer!

    By plugin remove you mean..

    a) just deactivate all plug-ins except BP
    b) deactivate + delete everything
    c) deactivate, delete and remove any MYSQL remainings?

    Also: “bp-custom.php” file is located in … ?




    Commenting to posts in activity doesn’t work so i will say it here:

    Sadly, It is only now after recieveing a helping hand, an answer to my problem without any obligations….. i truly understand open source and its implications… i now know what BP is all about… help and sharing with everyone

    Also regarding my previous post:

    a file like /plugins/bp-custom.php doesn’t exist…

    tested in Firefox – latest ver… Chrome and IE 9 – cache removed
    i have deleted all plugins except BP, tested with BP default theme – no luck



    any answers please?





    == By plugin remove you mean.. ==

    You can just do this first -> a) just deactivate all plug-ins except BP
    and change to bp-default theme

    == Also: “bp-custom.php” file is located in … ? ==

    You create the file bp-custom.php ->




    i have deactivated all plugins except BP
    i have changed to BP
    even deleted all themes except bp default themes
    even removed all plugins except BP

    no such luck…

    am I missing something ?

    thank you for your kind reply



    Any help please ?

    After updating to 1.6 my wp-admin area went blank…

    Deleting buddypress folder from /plugins did not help me..

    I eagerly await any helpful response..

    Looking to shoot that trouble..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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