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Keep members out of admin area entirely?

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    Is there a way to keep members out of regular behind-the-scenes admin areas entirely?

    I had to request a new password for a test user. When you go through the process you’ll end up at a profile page in the admin area that is very different from the other profile editing options on the site.

    The regular admin area doesn’t show X-profile data, so no full name, only that annoying username – I use the email login plugin. Of course the layout is very different, unless you go through the trouble of customizing the admin area to fit the front of the site.

    What is Buddypress approach to this? Is it possible to completely close the back end for users? Will you cover all the account editing the user needs in the front of the site?

    I found this plugin: Weasel’s Login Redirect, but it hasn’t been updated since 2007. This is what I need though:

    Redirects user login attempts from going to your dashboard! Great for keeping the ‘back end’ private. Also allows alteration of the login/logout link text.

    This one could be a solution: Peter’s Login Redirect. The name instills confidence. ;-)

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    Hello, I wasn;t sure where to ask this question at so I’m asking here.

    How can I have a new page for the members that login??

    I want to create a home page for my members once they login.


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