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Latest BuddyPress update made reviews disappear

  • thebark


    Greetings. I recently updated to 2.9.3, my first such since installing 2.9.2 a couple of months ago. I’m using the current version of WordPress as well as GeoDirectory which has a BuddyPress Integration plugin, v. 1.2.1, to enable the two to work seamlessly (FYI, I’ve brought this to their attention, too.) I’m using GeoDirectory’s Supreme Directory for theme.

    The update occurred only three days ago and it was just last night I noticed the three reviews I had for restaurants disappeared. There hasn’t, to my recollection, been any other updates since other than for one unrelated plugin that I don’t even have activated.

    I do have a backup from a few weeks ago, but ended up rewriting the reviews in a matter of minutes since I’m the one who submitted them in the first place. Since this is the first update I’ve done with BuddyPress, it seems as though something erroneously deleted the reviews in the process. I haven’t a clue what else may have caused it otherwise.

    My website is



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  • BuddyPress updates can’t make content just disappear. It looks like the “reviews” are being stored as comments so if comments which could have been deleted in a number of ways but there just isn’t enough info I haven’t been able to replicate this behavior on any of the sites I manage.



    It very well could have been from deleting some ping backs that were in pending comments. There were many of them and the default filter is all comment types. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll have to make sure I sort appropriately in the future.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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