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LearnDash integration, My Courses page

  • dval09


    If you go the “My Courses” page /members/username/courses of my site, my courses are listed out-of-order. I would like to change the order in which courses appear for users. However, I cannot find where to access this page on the backend. I have already contacted LearnDash and was told that this theme/plugin-related. How can I change the order in which my users’ courses appear on the My Courses page? Thank you.

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  • shanebp


    BuddyPress does not include any code re LearnDash.

    There are other plugins that provide the LearnDash code for integration with BP.
    Perhaps you are using one of them –

    To change the order, you need to find the code that is creating the list of courses and make your adjustments in that code.

    iow. This is not a BuddyPress issue.



    I contacted BuddyBoss and they directed me to you.



    Their repsonse:

    Hey There,

    Hope you are doing great ????
    Also, how can I make it so that admins can’t see members’ private messages?

    >> As an admin, you have access to your member’s private messages. That’s by design. Why would you want to restrict access to anything for an admin account? And as the ‘Private Messages’ are part of BuddyPress can you please check it with BuddyPress support forum as BuddyPress is third party plugin and providing support to third party plugin is beyond our support scope.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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