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LearnPress BuddyPress Plugin

  • timmysmanifesto


    I’m currently working on setting up a multisite system and wanted to integrate LearnPress nd BuddyPress by using the LearnPress BuddyPress Plugin. However, something is not working properly and the LearnPress Profile is not reflecting the BuddyPress profile. The LearnPress is synced with the WordPress profile not the BuddyPress profile. I’ve searched on the web to find any information I could and found this article

    It says there is a setting that I must click, but it’s not found. I was wondering if anyone knew of any known issues or any information about this situation. I’m pretty much stuck with where I am until I know something more. I have all the current versions of WP4.5.3 , BP2.6.2 , and LP1.0.8. and Plug in 1.0.

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