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Leave Group link generates Internal Server Error

  • charlieperrins


    Hi all, I have searched for a similar issue on this forum and can’t find anything to help. Bit of housekeeping first:

    – WPMU Version: WordPress MU 2.7.1

    – Buddypress Version: 1.0

    – Fresh Install, not an upgrade

    – WPMU running in a sub-directory called ‘site’ on my domain:

    – No other plugins running

    – My own customized theme and the standard BP theme share this problem

    My problem is this:

    Users can join groups fine on my site but if a logged in user clicks on the ‘leave group’ link an Internal Server Error (500) is generated. The user remains a member of the group so the database is not being updated. No other information about the problem is given to the browser, and I don’t think that I can get access to my host server’s error logs.

    This site is my first time using WPMU and Buddypress and I don’t really have any idea what is causing the problem. I was hoping that someone else out there has had the same problem and can shed some light on the issue.


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  • Hi, were you able to solve this issue? I have a similar issue and i can’t find any leads.

    – WPMU 2.8.6

    – Buddypress 1.1.3

    – WPMU in a subdirectory –

    – Many other plugins installed. I turned them all off with no success.

    – Using buddymatic.

    I get an internal server error (500) when I click on Groups > Join Group or Leave Group buttons. The same issue occurs with the letter and pagination links in the member directory.

    It seems there’s an issue with the path it’s trying to post to:


    I tried looking into the buddypress ajax.php and ajax.js but I’m drawing a blank.

    Any help will be appreciated!


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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