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Let Users Create Subnetworks?

  • Hi All,

    There is a lot of interest in sites like Ning and SocialGO, that let users create their own social networks with a few clicks. Does (or can) BuddyPress have such a feature? I’d like to offer something like that too.



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  • nicolagreco


    It could be BuddyPress MU,

    good idea!




    This is exactly what I was coming over to ask about.

    I’ve been searching high n low for a script or set of scripts that would allow me to run a ‘ning’ type network on my servers. For now I would be happy to just have the type of features these sites have, but I can see extending it to offer subnets like ning does.

    So far I have yet to find any piece of software that I can purchase that allows users to have blogs/photo’s/video’s (upload with conversion through ffmpeg, not youtube links etc), forums/social groups etc.

    It seems that buddypress may well someday be the closest, enless there is a whole other field of professional software that I am unaware of

    Hi guys!

    Is there any new information about this topic? Will BuddyPress let users to create subnets?



    Wow, I showed up just in time. Thanks for the article.

    And BP, please continue to make it easier and easier to create sub-networks! There are thousands of physical communities, like the towns of Lake County, Oregon, that would love to have their own sub-networks under a mother-network. In our case, the mother-network would be Lake County and each sub-network would be each of our towns. Thanks!

    Andrea Rennick


    The nesting of the sites themselves comes from WordPRess with multisite enabled. BP only does the community parts.

    Thanks mercime! I’ll test the plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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