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Limit the size of user updates

  • Brian Kittrell


    I am wondering if there is any way to limit the size of a user’s update. For instance, on this page (, users can post updates about themselves similar to Facebook status messages.

    I want the ability to limit the size of these things, similar to the way Facebook or Twitter limits the total size of a single update. If it is an administrator, it can be any size. If it is a moderator, limit to 1000 characters. If it is a regular user, limit the size to around 150 characters or less.

    That’s the only kind of spam I get hit with these days. I had someone come on the site and post a 26-page advertisement 6 times. It clogged my RSS feed, and that took about 30 minutes to get straightened out.

    If anyone knows of a solution, let me know. I’ll even program it myself and release a plug-in for it if someone can at least give me a link to that part of the API.

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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