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Link in Facebook account AFTER acceptance as member

  • boomerang


    Is there a plugin that allows login via Facebook details (I’m aware of the WP-FB-autoconnect) but not until registration has been approved. The site that is being created is solely for invited members only and not open to anyone to register, so having the autoconnect means people can automatically login without being approved first.

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  • oceanwidedesigns


    You can use another plugin that requires to be invited via email, and once they register they can connect with WP-FB-Autoconnect. However, WP-FB-Autoconnect has been removed from, I’m not aware of what the reasoning was for that. If you’re wanting people to register and then be approved, you might want to consider putting up a form for them to apply & then you can send them the invitation through the plugin.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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