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Link to first new post in forum

  • I’m moving my site over from phpbb at the moment, so there are a few functions that our users would miss after the switch, the main one being the ability to jump from a topic listing direct to the first new post, currently the options I can find are first post and last post. Making it quite difficult to continue reading from where you left off.


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  • bump

    i believe @3sixty created a plugin (or posted code – have to search for it) to record the user’s last viewed post

    Thanks for popping in, no luck with searching

    record the user’s last viewed post
    last view post
    last post seen
    last read
    first unread

    No luck?

    I’ve just realised your probably referring to his plugin that adds the little icons, unfortunately thats all it does, lights up the topics with new posts in them, I’m after a direct link to the first new post in any given topic, rather than the current options which are the first or the last.

    Any more ideas out there?


    I was looking for something like that as well. In theory it shouldn’t be that hard. It already works that way in the activity stream by clicking on view. I haven’t had time to look at it that closely.

    Of course it does, I’ll take a look there and see if there are any clues. Cheers @dennis_h

    Just looked, I suppose the problem is that the #link in activity is fixed to the message its attached to, what I’m looking for is more complicated, because it needs to understand what the user has seen and output a link to the first new post. My struggle continues.

    I’m not aware of anything else with that functionality… you could look into converting this for buddypress: ( which i think logs the last post_id for each topic )


    @ch8rt OK I understand now what you are wanting, something like phpbb’s unread posts. That would be more complex. I would love that to, but I would settle for a permalink in the forum directory to the most recent reply in that topic.

    @dennis_h if you use group forum extras plugin – i have some functions buried in there that will link to the last reply in a topic (just need to pass in the per_page setting if you change it from default)

    “Link the freshness time_since to the last post” ->

    Yeah, that works great Rich, and is what dennis is looking for. We get alot of fast moving conversations on our site and the view first unread option would be fantastic in helping users stick with conversation easier.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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