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Linking categories to member profiles.

  • siriansun


    Hi, am using BP to hopefully build a directory of practitioners in my area with the intention to turning it into a light social network.

    I’m looking for guidance in doing the following:
    I have a list of categories and subcategories that are related to the practitioners and I would like each practitioner to be able to chose a set of 5 or so categories for their profiles in order to let site visitors either search or explore by category. Does anyone know of an already existing plugin for this, or can give me a bit of guidance of how I can extend xprofiles to 1) Display (and make them editable) categories in Profile edit page as a drop down box?

    I plan on using Profile Search plugin to search for them.

    Thank you in advance to anyone willing to provide a bit of guidance!

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  • thebusysingleparent


    If I am understanding you correctly you want people to be able to search for others by category?

    You could add a profile field with a drop down selection box with the categories you have in mind.

    I don’t know if you can select more than one so you may have to add this field 5 times if you want them to choose up to 5 categories.

    I’m fairly new at this myself but I’m sure all the profile fields are searchable.

    Anyway – just a thought.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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