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linking from php file

  • discdemo


    Would anyone have any suggestions as to why a link code within a php file (this file includes the activation email code) displays as a link, opens a new window, but doesn’t show the link page?

    The link tags look fine; have triple -checked, tested.

    Only thing I notice is when rolling over the activation link from within the email, I can see the path show in my client lower left hand corner. Yet, when I rollover these other few links I’m trying to include, I don’t get any display, like the activation link. The code for the activation link follows the intro text: (click the activation link below:\n\n%1\$s\n\n

    This one is fine. The <a href’s I’m adding open a new window, but then nothing.

    Maybe what I’m trying isn’t possible, but want to verify.

    thanks for any thoughts, in advance.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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