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[Resolved] Links a specific pages doesn't work

  • ridagold


    Hi, I’ve just installed a Buddypress 1.6.3 on a WordPress 3.5 to create an internal social network for a company, and have a problem with the URLs of the pages. The default pages URL is /nv-blogorporativo/index.php/activities, /nv-blogorporativo/index.php/users and so on. When I go into those pages, they are empty, but when I get into those using the Search, for instance, the content appears, but the URL is /nv-blogorporativo/users or /nv-blogorporativo/activities. And, of course, if I use those URL, I enter without problems. How can I correct this URL discordance?
    Thank you for your attention.

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  • danbpfr


    hi @ridagold,

    your site links are not correct. Something is wrong in your settings or permalinks settings.

    ie: /nv-blogorporativo/index.php/activities should be /nv-blogorporativo/activities

    When you create a new page, you should have something like:

    And for the BP components mandatory pages
    and so on…

    When you create a page, what do you see in the permalink slug under the title box  ?



    Hi, Chouf1:
    You were right. There were bad default URLs in permalinks settings. It’s all set now.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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