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‘Load More’ skipping activities

  • groston


    On our BuddyPress site, we are seeing some strange behavior with the ‘Load More’ button on the News Feed page. The news Feed shows a filtered list of recent activities and is configured to show only a small number (around 30) items at a time in reverse chronological order. The expectation is that the item that is displayed when ‘Load More’ is clicked is the activity that immediately precedes the last activity displayed above the ‘Load More’ button.

    The weird behavior that we are seeing is that a significant number of activities are skipped, i.e., there is a ‘hole’ in the timeline. To test this, I visited the site on several occasions, scrolled to the bottom of the New Feed page, and then clicked ‘Load More’. I then looked in the table wp_bp_activity to find the entries for the event that immediately preceded the ‘Load More’ button and the first activity that was displayed after it was clicked. I noted the ID, type, and date/time posted for both. I also determined the total number of intervening activities (Tot), the number that should have been displayed (Cnt) (since the list is filtered), and the elapsed time between the two events (Evt Time). This information is presented in the following table – sadly, there are no apparent patterns.

        Test Time            Last Activity in Feed                 First activity after 'Load More'    Deltas  
     Date   Time  ID     type              posted     user  ID    type                posted     user Cnt Tot Evt Time
    17-Sep 12:45 4719 activity_comment 9/16/2018 21:54  21 4638 project_published 9/15/2018 01:47 258  42  81 44:06:31
    07-Sep 13:28 4399 activity_update  9/06/2018 22:50  51 4352 activity_update   9/05/2018 21:13  81  23  47 25:36:32
    18-Sep 23:55 4814 activity_comment 9/18/2018 16:10  4  4727 activity_comment  9/17/2018 00:28  23  26  87 39:42:20
    20-Sep 18:52 4822 activity_comment 9/18/2018 20:24 106 4791 activity_update   9/17/2018 23:46  23  17  31 20:37:46
    21-Sep 14:57 4849 activity_comment 9/20/2018 13:40  23 4836 activity_update   9/19/2018 17:44 130   6  13 19:56:42
    26-Sep 17:18 5101 activity_comment 9/25/2018 19:41  23 5065 activity_update   9/25/2018 01:04  48  18  36 18:37:03

    As you can see, a large number of activities that should be displayed are not. Can you please suggest what I can do to track down the root cause of this problem.

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  • shanebp


    The news Feed shows a filtered list of recent activities and is configured to show only a small number...

    So you are running some custom code that is not working with the ajax Load More ?
    You probably need to write your own functions for an ajax Load More.

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