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Loading registration page fails in too many redirect loop

  • zsujoker


    Dear Buddypress Folks,

    I am using WP (5.1.1, Buddypress 4.3.3, php 7.0, KLEO newest release)
    My registration page (with or without the kleo_register shortcode does not load properly). It says there are too many redirects or it redirects to the home page. It also says it might be because of rejected cookies.

    It was working properly previously. It might have gone wrong with the latest updates (kleo, buddypress or wp). I did the wp update to 5.1 recently. That was the last update I did.

    But I do have a staging site where everything works properly. Same php, same wp, same bp, same kleo running.
    So I wonder can it be really something with the cookies?
    Here is the login page on staging site:
    Here is the login page on the live site: Site URL:

    I have created a new reg page, it does load now in Firefox. And when I hit the registration button, it gets into the redirect loop again. Also, I had a registration form with extended options, so users can accept terms an condition, I need their age etc. This extended form does not load either on the live site.

    What I have done:
    – refresh permalinks
    – checked if anyone can register
    – turned to basic WP theme
    – turned of firewall, caching plugin
    – created new reg page
    – cleaned browser cache, tried different browsers

    I am running out of ideas.
    Please help me out!


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  • Venutius


    Hi there, I’m thinking you must have fixed this as I’m not getting any issues connecting to your registration page.

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