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Locally-hostable social-network: BuddyPress vs Drupal Commons

  • Good Evening,

    I’m comparing BuddyPress with Drupal Commons, to figure out which to use on my student-group site.

    I’m a big time Drupal user/admin, but have used and administrated WordPress blogs in the past.

    On top of the regular social-network features (add friends, see friends profile, see feed of friends updates, message friends) I need:

    • Group functionality: Users can affiliate themselves to a certain group, to get notifications from them. Also events can be created by groups (by group-admin), and everyone is part of one group by default (for site-wide notifications).
    • Event support: users can RSVP for an event on the site-wide calendar
    • Users can express interest for an event to be held
    • Donation support: users can donate, and when they do, it’s [optionally] added to there profile)

    Which social-network package includes the aforementioned features?

    If both, which has a better theme collection?

    Thanks for all information,

    Alec Taylor

    FYI: And yes, I know that posting here will not give me an unbiased result, but at the same time, this is a niche software, so this is the best place to ask.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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