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“Log in” in Admin bar: Page not found

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    When I click ‘Log In’ within the admin bar, I get ‘page not found’.
    (the ‘Log In’ link: )
    probably b/c wp-login.php is not in the top-level directory; wordpress is installed in a subdirectory.

    Seems like this might be a mistake in the code generating the log-in link; it should be getting the blog url (as I’ve gathered from a similar issue with the header) instead of the home url.

    Can anyone point me to the function I need to check out and possibly override, please? Or hit me with the RTFM stick and a link to the relevant page? Haven’t found it myself yet, i’m afraid. problem w/ programming while tired.

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  • Did you ever figure this out? Just started playing with BuddyPress and have the same issue.

    I should add:
    WP 3.0.1
    BP 1.2.6

    I’m using child theme of TwentyTen but also tried default BP theme. Issue is definitely with the install directory not being included in the wp-login path.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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