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Login and Password reset link question

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    I’ve just installed WP and BP (it was a couple of days ago so I believe I have the latest version of both.

    I have a couple of newbie questions, which I can’t seem to find answers to anywhere. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. I managed to create a registration page, by following instructions i found on the internet. I set my WP settings to allow anyone to register. While this did what I wanted, which is to allow anyone to register through my custom page, it also now allows users to create a WP account, which was NOT what i wanted to do. So, my first question is, how do I keep the BP registration page open, and hide access to register for a WP account on my site at the same time? It seems I need to enable “allow anyone to register” in WP to let users subscribe to BP, but I only want them to sign up through BP, not WP, and can’t figure out how to turn the WP registration off, or hide it.

    2. I also installed BBPress, and i have a login widget I’ve added to my sidebar. I’ve managed to figure out the registration URL, but can’t find the password reset URL. Is this something which is enabled by default with BP, or do I need to do something to create a lost password page?

    3. While I’m at it, I ran across another problem. I tried registering as a BP user, and never received an activation email. Is there a way I can create a link to allow a user to re-request this?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry if these are dumb questions. I’m loving BP so far, but I’m a little out of my comfort zone with it.

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    1.) You do realize BP is a WP plugin right? It is not its own entity therefor if the user registers with BP activated, they are also registering with WP.
    2.) By default if a user enters a wrong password they are then redirected to wp-login.php if you want to include the lost password link there may be some login widget plugins that includes that link, other wise you could get that link from wp-login.php and hard code it into your child themes sidebar.php which may not be a good idea until you get a little more experience. Try searching for plugins that will accomplish this before going that route.
    3.) You may want to check the spam folder to see if the activation email went there. If not then check your servers error logs and report back.

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