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Looking for advice on whether Buddypress is a good choice for a website for my organisation

  • nickharambee



    I am looking to develop a website for a local charity I am involved in. The website would essentially be in two parts, one for public viewing, and one to be viewed/used only by members of the group.

    I’m sure wordpress/buddypress would be fine for the public section of the website, it’s the private section that I am less certain about.

    The main components of the private section would be a section for each subgroup of the organisation, each with a forum and a wiki, for working collaboratively on documents, storing minutes, posting agendas, etc. I would like a single sign on for everything that is private, i.e. the forum and wiki. As I imagine it, various tabs (for the private pages on the site) in the navigation of the site would be hidden, and there would be an unobtrusive login form somewhere on the public pages. I would like all of the activity from the forums and changes to the wiki to be on an activity stream page, and for members to be able to sign up to receive email notifications when new posts/replies are added on the forum, and changes are made to the wiki.

    As I see it the forum side of things is built in, with a plugin for email notifications. What I am less sure about is the wiki. There are plugins for a wiki, but could these be integrated with the activity stream and the email notifications?

    If there was some kind of project management plugin, where a schedule for a particular project could be tracked, that would be a bonus.

    I am wanting to make sure that I can get most of this functionality before taking the plunge, and would be grateful for any advice.



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