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Looking for coders

  • grosbouff


    Hi guys;

    I’m the author of two buddyPress plugins :

    BuddyPress Maps

    BuddyPress Classifieds.

    I already spent A LOT of time working on these; they’re still young but I have lots of hope in them. I think that geolocation and classifieds could be a must have for every social network.

    They both are working quite well; and It seems that people are interested in them since they are downloaded about several ten times a day.

    But they need faster/better development.

    Actually i’m working some hours on them every day but I’ll not have all this time forever…

    (Without saying that in 2800 downloads, I only get one single Paypal donation…)

    I’m not a professional coder, I’m doing this in my free time in the goal to build my own community in some weeks/months.

    BuddyPress is a fun framework which is cool to work with but I think that if I still am alone working on those plugins they’ll never be killer apps :)

    SO : maybe you want to try to code your own plugin. Maybe you would like mines to be better than they actually are… And maybe you have coders skills :)



    …Help me developping this :)

    BuddyPress Classifieds should make a huge step when WP-3 will be out : actually the data is taken from another blog (so it only works on WPMU) but I started to adapt it for single WP installs with custom post types.

    It’s almost OK; but I got worries filtering the posts (with the custom taxonomies) and I still have bugs with the ajaxed functions, which is a big deal.

    Thanks !

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  • grosbouff


    …Still looking for help !

    Paul Gibbs



    I haven’t got time to contribute to the development of those plugins, but I’m always on the look out to work with other developers on future BuddyPress plugins. Ping me if you ever want to start something new!



    Can you list the items you need help with on Classifieds?

    Here is what I can see you need:

    -support for basic tags: bold, italic, hyperlink, image, etc

    -better instructions and translation (e.g.) don’t ‘warn’ friends about new classifieds

    -improved layout on main classifieds page

    what else?



    Hi 3sixty

    Yes I would need help for the translations as I speak french and my english is not always perfect.

    So the prioty things to do are

    -Better instructions & translation

    -Make ajaxed functions work

    -Finishing adapting it for WP3.0 (custom types) – I started this but it isn’t working perfectly yet

    -Better layouts, yes.

    I made a post here that you can complete :



    So if anyone wanted to contribute code, how would they do it?



    Hi 3sixty;

    first I’ll release a new version of BP Classifieds using custom post types. Big work there :)

    Then I could make a “plan” :)

    Actually it’s the mess !

    Thanks !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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