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Looking to raise funds to pay for an individual member profile ’uploads’ plugin. Anyone with me?

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,
    I’m just testing the water here to see f there is a need for this kind of plugin (I’m pretty sure there is).

    I’m in the middle of creating a site that needs members to have the ability to each have a document/ file upload store on a per profile basis.
    I need this in order for members to be able to attach their CV and a high quality downloadable photograph to their profiles but this could be used for ANYTHING on other BP sites.

    The plugin would create a new tab within the member’s profile that would store files that other members could download, be it documents, mp3’s, jpegs etc, opening up a whole world of opportunities for our members.

    Unfortunately the plugin comes at a price and I have a quote from a lead BP developer of $1000 for this functionality.
    I was wondering how many other users in the community could use this functionality and if so wanted to see who would be prepared to chip in to have it made.
    It’s a custom plugin that wouldn’t be available in the repo so would give sites that have this functionality something very unique.

    If we could get 30 of us together it would only cost us $33 each to open up something pretty special to our members.

    Please let me know if you would be interested. If we get a great response to this we could get it made for peanuts!

    I hope I am okay to create a post like this on here, please let me know if I’m not.
    Ross :)

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  • I’m interested. If you get 28 more people, count me in.



    I’d be willing the write the code for about 3/4 of that amount ;-) Seriously.



    @OneUpDave That makes 2 of us then! cheers! :)

    @wpsec Thanks for the offer of that. The developer I had in mind was Peter Anselmo who wrote the BP Group Documents plugin as I imagine this plugin would be an extension of that.

    Are you familiar with that plugin at all and if so do you think you could adapt it. It would be great if basically an extra tab was added to a persons profile which could have it’s title customised in the back end. For my site it might say ‘CV’ or ‘Portfolio’ etc.
    The tab would then be a file store on a member by member basis that other member’s could then download. File types would have to be able to be set in the back end to what the admin wants to allow also, exactly like the group docs plugin.

    At the end of the day it depends on how many people we can get interested in this plugin but it could be used for so many different things. File sharing, attaching particular files to a person’s profile… all sorts.

    If we can get 30 members interested in paying $25 we can get this made so COME ON, show us your interest people!



    I’m definitely interested in a plugin like this!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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