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Lost admin access after 2.o update

  • Texrat


    I just upgraded to BP 2.0 and immediately lost ALL admin rights to my entire site after the upgrade completed. ???


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  • @livsy

    From what i see, the latest user you registered “Leon123” is an author. Have you changed his role manually ? else the signup process is ok.

    174 users seems to be problematic

    I wonder who is adding ‘signup_ip’ in the usermeta, have you reactivated the plugins ? Or it maybe the theme you are using ? In options i see that “buddycorp” is adding a lot of options and some are related to signups, is it your theme ?

    Otherwise, i think i would test this :
    0/ make a back up of the database.

    1/ It looks like you deactivated BuddyPress and rollback to a previous version of the database several time because in the signups table, there were signups in “8plicate”
    So before batch activate or activate, you’ll surely need to run this query :
    DELETE FROM wp_signups WHERE signup_id > 173

    2/ try with one user (for example “sert” ID = 2006) to edit his user_status to 2 and then go into the BuddyPress signups management screen and try to activate him. Once done check his role.

    3/ If everything went fine, i think, i’ll update the user status of the 174 users to 2, then form the signups management screen batch activate the 174 users, i think it’s best to do it step by step, you can increase the number of signups displayed from the screen options, but i advise you not to set it to 174, maybe 40.

    to update the 174 user status, you can run this query in PhpMyAdmin for example :
    UPDATE wp_users SET user_status = 2 WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT user_id FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key = "wp_capabilities" );

    For your info activating the signup for the “admin” user won’t work as the activation key is empty, so you can just delete it for this user.

    I wonder if it’s not simpler for you to batch edit the user roles.



    @imath thank you very much for your attention to my questions and your patience. I did everything you said, but this problem is still exist. Unfortunately, I have no more time to work with my site in that way. And I will wait for BP 2.1. I believe it will solve all these problems. Thanks a lot and good luck!



    Hi @imath, @boonebgorges,

    I think the problem is caused by bp_update_to_2_0().

    hello @megainfo,

    You’re right. I think the problem you described in #5569 is a side effect of #5553.



    Same problem here

    Keen to launch new multisite but held back by this issue. Users with anything less than admin rights cannot access dashboard, create posts , edit, load media etc. I’d rather not revert to older BP.

    The issue seems at least partially theme related. I can create a new (network) site with, say, a Twenty Twelve theme and add new member (my ‘Arthur the Author’ dummy) and all will work as it should – for that site alone. But when I re-use my desired core theme on the secondary site the access privileges disappear. I can duplicate and rename the core theme as a workaround but that will become a high-maintenance issue when it’s time for upgrades (there’s a number of hacks and mods in there). Maybe there’s a clue in these findings though. Hope someone can help!

    Hi @moonhopper

    1/ Did you make a backup of your database before upgrading to BuddyPress 2.0 and creating the network ?
    2/ Is it a live website or a dev one ?
    3/ Can you check into the usermeta table of your site if for the problematic users you have a meta_key ‘activation_key’ with a meta value or not ? If so in the users table are these users having a user_status set to 0 ?
    4/ What is the name of the theme ? Is it available on WordPress repository ?



    Hi @imath
    Thanks for your interest
    1/ As they’re still largely empty (multi)sites I didn’t bother backing up the database. And it’s easy to throw new (dummy) users at it for testing. The issue persists. I’ve stripped back and reinstated nearly all plugins btw. Thought maybe problem cause by BP Group Blog, but no.
    2/ It’s both a dev site (work in progress) and online already (just not launched yet) – just a shell at the moment, mostly placeholders. But I want to get contributors involved asap and to flesh out the content. It was all set to go until I discovered this last problem.
    3/ given (1) we shouldn’t need to get into retrospective database tweaks should we? I was hoping not to go there.
    4/ ‘Cinematix’ bought from envato. It had functionality I wanted but I’ve heavily restyled it


    you’re welcome.

    Just to be sure. You had a single site (not multisite) with BuddyPress activated on this site and you made the 2.0 upgrade while still on a non multisite config ? Then you’ve created the network ?
    Or did you activate BuddyPress once the multisite was created and then made the 2.0 upgrade ?

    It’s an important difference as the upgrade trouble we discussed on this thread only concerns non multisite configs.

    Finally if it was a non multisite, can you reply to 3, it’s also an important check:
    3/ Can you check into the usermeta table of your site if for the problematic users you have a meta_key ‘activation_key’ with a meta value or not ? If so in the users table are these users having a user_status set to 0 ?



    It was already multisite (when upgrading to 2.0) but the issues are the same as others are discussing here. Should I look for another thread?

    I don’t think the issue is the same. I just reread your first description and using a regular theme seems to make it disappear.

    When you say “there’s a number of hacks and mods in there” It means you’ve edited the premium theme ?

    If so have you tried with a not modified version of the theme ?



    I’ll try a new site from scratch (with unmod’d themes). You seem to be suggesting starting with a single site > then add BP > then convert to multisite/network? I’ll try that order first anyway.
    Thanks for your perseverance.

    Hi @moonhopper

    No i’m.not saying this. If you start from the begining :
    Creating the network, then activating BuddyPress is ok.



    Hi @iMath OK looks like it was a glitch. Luckily I’ve been able to restart my multisite from scratch, the issue has gone away. I had been messing with the wpmu membership plugin for a while, which might have caused the trouble. John Jacoby says its easy to screw things up and break functionality with that..
    Anyway, thanks for your time

Viewing 13 replies - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)
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