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Main activity stream – understanding what shows and doesn’t

  • r083r7


    Trying to understand what shows up in the main/global activity feed regarding groups. From what I understand the main feed will display ALL activity.

    What about groups that I have not joined yet? I thought it wouldn’t show but it did. My test was to create a public group with a forum attached to it. I joined it and then went to the forum sub-tab to post a topic. Checked the main feed and there it is. Makes sense.

    Then I logged in as a test user that has NOT joined that group. I thought I would NOT see anything from that group including the forum topic that was posted there. But instead, I saw the topic posting in the main feed 🙁

    I’m assuming if the group was hidden or private it would then not show anything in the activity stream if I posted to that group’s forum. Correct?

    Trying to better understand what shows up there.

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  • songdove


    I am wanting to find somewhere that lists what is and isn’t shown in the activity stream myself. I want to be sure that private is indeed private. Thought I’d start my search in the forums, will see if anything is said in the documentation too.

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