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Making AJAX search work for custom components

  • Arwym


    I am developing a custom component with the help of the BP Custom Posts API, and I’ve figured many things so far. But now I’m stuck in trying to make the AJAX search for my custom posts work as with the other components. Every time I type in said component’s search box and hit the submit button, I’m sent to the site’s home page instead. I have been looking at both the BuddyPress and BPCP plugins’ sources, but have yet to find a clear explanation of how the search is implemented. While I could simply do with a typical WordPress search, I would rather keep it consistent with the rest of BuddyPress.

    All I know is that bp_ajax_querystring is somehow involved in passing the query that is to be executed; but how this interacts with the rest of the system, I am not quite sure.

    If someone could shed some light on this for me, I would be really grateful.


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