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Making Denizen Theme Compatible with Buddypress

  • Editing this a bit, hoping someone will help. As I say below, I am willing to pay for the help.

    From reading a bit through some help other people have gotten, it would appear that what I’m about to ask for isn’t terribly difficult for some generous helpers here. I’d be happy to pay for the help, or be very grateful if it was donated.

    The theme in question is:

    I’ve been teaching myself some CSS, but PHP is beyond me.

    You can see how it is currently not working at:

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here are copied and pasted code from the files that were asked for in a previous similar post:


    Also from reading this past post… I’d choose this option:

    Create two files, header-buddypress.php and sidebar-buddypress.php, add some code and upload to your theme folder in server and you’re done.
    – Con: your BP page titles will be within content area and not how it appears per product page.
    – Pro: When BP is upgraded, no worries about upgrading the two files. Only need to check files when your WP theme is upgraded.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • @mercime


    @udotorg two things before we begin with transformation, based on layout in Pages like the About page here
    1. The BP pages title won’t have the same look as the title “About Us” in link above
    2. Do you still want the right sidebar included in the layout?

    Let me know.

    1. I’m fine with losing that top header/title thing at the top. It’s one of the things I’m thinking about taking out entirely anyway.

    2. Yes. I’d like to keep the sidebar.

    Related notes:

    I’ll be making some tweaks to the layout to make more room for the main content column that the Buddypress stuff will be in to have more room, and so it fits on a 1028 width screen. But yes, I need the Buddypress area to fit into the main content column, and since it sounds like this creation of two files (header-buddypress.php and sidebar-buddypress.php) option would be less buggy with BP upgrades, that seems like the safer bet for someone of my poor coding skills. Once it all just works, I should be able to do any CSS mods necessary to make it all look cohesive enough.

    Much thanks for the help.



    @udotorg Based on initial scan, to make your theme compatible with BuddyPress, you only need to create two new files, header-buddypress.php and sidebar-buddypress.php

    If you’ve revised any of the BP template files transferred to your evolution theme folder during the BP Compatibility process, please delete the 6 BP folders transferred to your denizen theme folder in server – activity, blogs, forums, members, groups, register – then re-run Appearance > BP Compatibility again to make sure that you have clean template files.

    A. Copy header.php and Save As > header-buddypress.php

    Open up header-buddypress.php and at the bottom of the file, below other code contained within, add this:
    //sidebar class
    $aside_class=($sidebar_layout== “leftsidebar” ) ? ‘one_third’ : ‘one_third_last’;

    <div ID); ?>>
    <div id="post-” >


    Save file.



    B. Copy sidebar.php and Save As > sidebar-buddypress.php

    Open up sidebar-buddypress.php and at the top, above all code contained within, add this

    <div class="”>`

    Then at the bottom, below all other code, add this:

    jQuery(document).ready( function() {
    if ( jQuery(‘div#blog-details’).length && !jQuery(‘div#blog-details’).hasClass(‘show’) )
    jQuery( ‘input#signup_with_blog’ ).click( function() {


    Save file.

    C. Upload header-buddypress.php and sidebar-buddypress.php to your theme folder in server wp-content/themes/denizen/ in the same directory where your regular header.php and sidebar.php are located.

    Final note: You might want to check out the style modifications to contain some BP elements as a guide

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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