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Making Plugin activity show in Activitiy Stream

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  • Renato Alves


    @barney92 I think she meant “using”.

    @anna_tianna My best advice would be to consult the plugin author, as he/she understand the plugin better than anyone, so that he/she could highlight better how to implement it or implement himself/herself.

    As far as your searching and thinking goes, I think the link you provided would help in part, but still the developer (you or a hired one) would need to understand how this plugin you’re using works to integrate with BP.

    Gem @White Rabit


    @barney92 I do beg your pardon however I am dyslexic and so spell checking and all that doesn’t work. I never thought in my wildest dreams that some one in the BuddyPress forum would be so pedantic.

    Gem @White Rabit


    @espellcaste Thank you for your help. I have contacted the developer but had no response. I though some one here might help.




    >The plugin is currently not compatible with BuddyPress.

    So you talking about adapting a premium plugin.
    Is it reasonable to expect somebody to buy the plugin in order to help you?
    Perhaps you’re hoping somebody already has it; but even then they would have to be willing to do the work and deliver it to you.

    Therefore it’s unlikely that anyone here can help.
    If you get to the point where you can be specific about a code issue – iow. you’ve tried to extend the plugin and are struggling, you might want to use as it will reach a broader audience.

    Also – you could try to hire a developer thru

    BP Jobs Board

    Gem @White Rabit


    @barney92 I’m not making any excuses and you should know better than to attack some one over a simple spelling mistake. However I must thank you as you have made this post more active than any of my others. Maybe I will get some help.

    @shanebp I know that it is a premium plugin. I know there for it costs money. However I have always been told even by the WordPress and Buddypress people that the forums are the best place to get help.

    I am very new to tweaking, modifying etc plugins. I normally find whats has already been done works and does the job I need it for. A friend told me that this community was very helpful so I though some one might be able to help.

    I must be mistaken in thinking that the World Wide Web was created in the spirit of sharing and helping people. Maybe I am a Hippie at hart but in the areas that I am strong if some one asks for help I help and I expect that in the areas I am weak and I ask for help people will do as I do and help.

    I wish you all well with the projects your running. Thank you and Good Night!


    It is not a case of not being willing to help but as @shanebp pointed out how to help is the problem, generally on tech forums an idea of what has been attempted or what exactly is the issue run up against is looked for, you mention a link to the codex but state your skills are not sufficient thus the only advise that can really be given is that which shanebp did give.

    @barney92 A gentle warning with my mods hat on: Please tone it down a bit, if you have nothing constructive to offer that helps the OP’s question then it’s better not to post at all.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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