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Manually adding a member to a group / event

  • HaTiRo


    Is there a way to manually add a member to a group or event (using the plugin)?

    I have a situation where I need to add members manually, rather than to send an invite…

    Is there a way to use the messaging component which autocompletes and then have the submit add the user id to the appropriate group/event….

    Can anyone help or provide any guidance as the best way to do this…

    I’m using buddypress 1.1.2



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  • HaTiRo


    OK, I passed on the messaging route and altough its taken me a day or so (I’m not a coder), I’ve managed to create a member list within the manage members part of the admin section of the group, which checks to see if they are members of the group or not and displays a join button alongside each member (in a div with auto scroll on the vertical).

    I then passed the user_id as a variable in the join button link and registered it in the function using $_GET…

    The functions I duplicated and put into bp-custom and tampered with to change logged_in_user for user_id are bp_group_join_button, groups_action_join_group and groups_join_group…

    So far so good, haven’t rigourously tested it yet though but it seems to work.

    I haven’t coded a plugin but I’m sure that would have been a better route… :)



    Found that using this custom function broke the group join button in the group. The custom function therefore needed a simple if statement to show whether the join button is being pressed by an admin or not (as admin would have already joined). This seemed to rectify the situation.

    Only thing now is to work out how to change the avatar in the activity stream to match the user and not the logged in user….

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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