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mass messaging to BP members & member activity manager

  • tallydigtalbiz


    Hey BuddyPress community, I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to message all members of my BuddyPress site as well as a plugin that will track each members posts and comments made. I installed the Achievements plugin which is great, but I need something on the admin side to track activities for progress, contest, reporting, etc…

    Should I buy the plugins offered at WPMU Prem DEV? Will they work on BP 1.1?

    Thanks for your advice….Please help

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  • gaetanbuddypress


    Hello tallydigtalbiz,

    To send a message to all members, I’ve found this plugin, i didn’t try it, maybe it can help you: Sitewide newsletters

    Paul Gibbs


    Thanks for using Achevements!



    Thanks Gaetan, I went ahead on bought the one month premium wpmu dev account and grabbed half a dozen plugins for my buddypress site. The mass email plugin worked great. I used it yesterday to announce our September contest.

    Yes DJPaul, achievements is great. I wish there was a way to add our own achievements. Something like that would be very helpful.

    PS. is there a setting to be notified when a comment is made on the forums here?

    Paul Gibbs


    No way of subscribing to topics on these

    boards. There was a way to mark it as favoriite but I don’t think that sent any emails on new posts.

    You can add custom achievement plugins with the current release. You have to know how to code, though. In the Achievements release that comes out once BP 1.1 is out, site admins will be able to add simple achievements via the admin interface.



    PS. is there a setting to be notified when a comment is made on the forums here?

    RSS is your friend!

    For example, if you wanted to subscribe to this thread, click on the RSS icon or this link:



    @tallydigtalbiz so the mass email plugin has worked out well? I am needing mass email functionality for the admin to send to members. Still looking for solutions. I will check into the plugin.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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