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Member pages redirect to home

  • Howdy folks. I’ve been watching development of BuddyPress for a little while and things are looking great! In an effort to put it to use, I’ve just done a fresh install at and have run into a little problem. Any attempt to visit any of the member pages results in a redirection to the home page.

    This is a fresh install of WordPress MU and a fresh install of the trunk of BuddyPress (I svn updated the check-out of trunk this morning). Permalinks are the default custom.


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  • Yeah…nevermind. I committed the cardinal sin of asking before doing thorough research. Despite the fact that I was convinced that my themes were in the right spot…they weren’t. My apologies.

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    Andy Peatling


    I noticed that some of your registration dates are in the negative. This is because of daylight savings/time zone issues. You can update that in wp-admin.

    Oh. Nice. Thanks :D

    i have the same problem after update to the last trunk

    I fixed the issue by ensuring that the members-theme/ directory was located here: [WP_INSTALL_DIR]/wp-content/members-theme/

    ah, ok, now works fine XD

    good configuration, separate the blog themes and member themes

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    Just in case someone reads this quickly like me and doesn’t check the them readme, here is a correction for borkweb’s post:

    members-theme/ directory was located here: [WP_INSTALL_DIR]/wp-content/members-theme/

    should be:

    member-themes/ directory was located here: [WP_INSTALL_DIR]/wp-content/member-themes/

    Oops. Yes, sorry about the typo. :(

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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