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Members activity feeds redirecting to homepage after BP 1.2.5 update and WP 3.2.1 update

  • Sarah Minx


    After going through one heck of a mess after the update of WP 3.2.1, I have finally got my site back up and running and followed the instructions on how to update BuddyPress 1.2.5. I updated and everything seems functional but when you go to the activity stream ( it goes to the main activity screen where it shows the user who’s logged in and if you click on the “avatar” or “username” it should redirect you to your profile ( or whatever) but mine doesn’t do that any more — instead it redirects to the homepage at

    If I hover over the avatars, I can see that they coded to go to the correct locations of /members/username but instead ALL of the users redirect to the homepage at

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Try picking and re-saving your permalinks again

    Sarah Minx


    Hey there,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just tried this… I even changed the structure, saved, and changed it back to my current settings of: Day and name (

    1. Which version of WordPress are you running? 3.2.1
    2. Did you install WordPress as a directory or subdomain install?
    3. If a directory install, is it in root or in a subdirectory? Root
    4. Did you upgrade from a previous version of WordPress? If so, from which version? 3.2
    5. Was WordPress functioning properly before installing/upgrading BuddyPress (BP)? e.g. permalinks, creating a new post, commenting. Not an issue with WordPress (Yes)
    6. Which version of BP are you running? Updated to 1.2.9 last night
    7. Did you upgraded from a previous version of BP? If so, from which version? Whatever version was used a month or two ago, downloaded from WP Plugins site.
    8. Do you have any plugins other than BuddyPress installed and activated? If so, which ones?
    Akismet | Version 2.5.3
    BuddyPress | Version 1.2.9
    BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier | Version 1.0.3
    BuddyPress Activity Plus | Version 1.2
    BuddyPress Activity Stream Bar | Version 1.3.2
    BuddyPress Backwards Compatibilty | Version 0.6
    BuddyPress Gifts | Version 1.1
    BuddyPress Live Notification | Version 1.0
    BuddyPress Template Pack | Version 1.1.3
    BuddyStream | Version 2.1 | By Peter Hofman | Visit plugin site
    CubePoints | Version 3.0.3
    CubePoints Buddypress Integration | Version 1.9.2
    Dynamic Widgets | Version 1.4.1
    Google +1 | Version 1.0.4
    GTranslate | Version 1.0.26
    Sidebar Login | Version 2.3.2
    WordPress e-Cards | Version 0.1
    WP-DownloadManager | Version 1.60
    WP-Memory-Usage | Version 1.2.1
    WP-Polls | Version 2.61
    Zazzle Store Gallery | Version 1.0
    9. Are you using the standard BuddyPress themes or customized themes? Arras custom
    10. Have you modified the core files in any way? Just theme related files
    11. Do you have any custom functions in bp-custom.php? No
    12. If running bbPress, which version? Or did your BuddyPress install come with a copy of bbPress built-in? Don’t think so
    13. Please provide a list of any errors in your server’s log files. No errors
    14. Which company provides your hosting? 1and1 (Business Package)
    15. Is your server running Windows, or if Linux; Apache, nginx or something else? Linux/Apache

    Here is some additional information — I don’t really think that it will make much difference — but if so, awesome.

    Side note, I did edit my theme’s function.php to hard code in the address of but it did not change the fact that the BP activity stream is redirecting to the homepage vs the appropriate member’s stream.




    Hello, i have got another way to redirect user to show all activity
    1) Install BP-PROFILE-AS-HOMEPAGE plugin


    3) in admin dashboard where list of plugin is listed you will find BP PROFILE AS HOMEPAGE PLUGIN, under it THERE IS TWO OPTION deactivate & edit

    4) click on EDIT

    5) Replace following line

    wp_redirect( $bp->loggedin_user->domain );


    wp_redirect( bp_loggedin_user_domain() . BP_ACTIVITY_SLUG . ‘/’ . BPCOM_ACTIVITY_SLUG );

    6) You are Surely done. It works 100 Percent. i have also used help from this forum i am thank ful about it.
    Anyone facing problem mail me on

    Sarah Minx


    Hey, great… I will try this and let you know!

    Sarah Minx


    Ok, yeah… I don’t want to redirect the logged in users homepage to their activity stream. I still want them to go to the site’s homepage. I just want the links to work correctly… and they DID prior to the WP/BP update yesterday.

    Any more ideas?

    Thanks again for all the help.

    Sarah Minx


    This is also specific to BuddyPress… I have an updates status bar at the bottom of my website that scrolls through the recent updates to the website (posts, pb activity, comments, etc) and all the links work from that bar (if there is a new posts, you can clik, and it takes you to the post’s page)… except for BuddyPress links, you click to view the recent update and it, once again, redirects you to the homepage.

    Sarah Minx


    Is there anyone that has any other ideas about this? I still cannot get it fixed, it doesn’t happen with anything other than BuddyPress, I am using BP for a major part of my website that is due to launch by the end of this year. I would really like to get this working…

    Please help?

    Sarah Minx


    This issue has been verified, it is an issue with a BuddyPress plugin. Since this thread is not being checked back up on — I will post a new thread to alert the community of the issue.

    BuddyPress Backwards Compatibility

    Code that is needed to maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions of BuddyPress. Contains code for wire component, status updates, and functions that have been renamed or replaced.

    Version 0.6 | By The BuddyPress Community

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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