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members only pages.

  • peter


    Hello guys, I’m from sweden so please correct me for all my languishal f*ups!

    What I want is one of my menus. I have home, groups, forums, etc already in my theme. But I’ve made another one that I called Exclusive. Now what I want is that. This Exclusive page/menu. I want its content to be showned to members only.

    if your new to my site and press the button you will see a page saying. “Ooohhh, you cant see this until you log in..!”
    And when you become a member. Well… you already figured that one out.

    I actually found a buddypress page that uses exactly this idea. “”
    If you try to go to it. It says your not a member. Make an account here(with a link to register)

    And if theres someone awesome out there who is just like a universalgenius and a really good friend. This is what I want on that page!

    A mp3 player that looks really good. But not just an mp3 player! I want the mp3 files to be secured from downloading.
    Just listen. Dont download! It would be awesome if it was a customizable mp3 player aswell to match my websites new colortheme that I will get it like tomorrow!

    Thanks everyone and have a good day!

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  • techguy


    If you want them to pay to get to that member page, try the s2member plugin. If you want them just to register (for free), then I think this is the thread with a bunch of possible solutions:

    As far as the MP3 player, I don’t know, but I’m sure there are a ton of options. In this case, it wouldn’t need to be BuddyPress specific at all. Just search for an MP3 player that works with a webpage and it can be added to the WordPress page. There might even be a WordPress plugin that does this already.

    i also want a solution. Nothing works to me.



    Didn’t find anything that made sence to me :(

    I really would like to be supersimple just click, make this page available to members only. And non-members will see an additional page telling them to sign up to see it.
    I’ve seen alot of mp3 players but none that I can just

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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