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Members receive email saying they changed their passwords

  • ellain3gab


    I have now uninstalled the Buddypress plugin because we had a hiccup last week.

    What happened was when I installed Buddypress and set the other things from Memberpress documentation, I did not know what triggered the cause of the mass email sent to our members saying that they changed their passwords when in fact they didn’t.

    All I did with the plugin was use the default values so I’m not sure what ticked off the mistake of sending all those emails.

    I need help with regards to Buddypress (Buddyboss) and Memberpress pro bugs or incompatilibity.

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  • Hi, this is BuddyPress support, BuddyBoss is not BuddyPress: it’s a fork of it. We cannot take the risk to reply to something we don’t support. Please get in touch with the BuddyBoss support team.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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